menavision services

Study:   Menavision study the market indicators and suggest the best penetration strategy to login to the markets

Plan:   Menavision plan for the brand settlement in the market and plan for the best sales and marketing practice

Reach:   Menavision reach with brand to the right partner at the right time with right approach

Select:   Menavision select the right business model to maximize the market share and the revenue of the brand

Knock:    Menavision knock all possible doors till reaching to our mutual targets

Open:   Menavision open all business channels in coordination with country authorized business partner

Visit:   Menavision visit all prospected big accounts inside the local market to support country authorized business partner

Assign:   Menavision assign the local country authorized business partner for the brand in coordination with the brand owner

Organize:   Menavision organize the brand business in the region in order to give fully support to the brand and to the local country authorized business partner

Link:   Menavision link the brand with the markets in MENA

Target:  Menavision place the targets of the brand in coordination with the brand owner and with local country authorized business partner

Cover:    Menavision cover MENA region on behalf of you … menavision is your remote office in the region

Manage:   Menavision manage sales and market operation of the brand with the local country authorized business partner

Sell:   Menavision simply is salesman for the products, menavision is sell to all channels, distribution, wholesale, retail, corporate, projects and tenders, menavision sell to private and government sectors through country authorized business partner

Market:   Menavision is committed to market the brand with agreed marketing strategies by the brand owner and to evaluate market sound based on different marketing strategies

Promote:  Menavision is committed with local country authorized business partner to develop and to implement the promotion activities of the brand in order to achieve the brands targets of the market

Analyze:  Menavision will support all business operation with high level of analyzed data of different markets and competitions

Serve:  Menavision adopted to serve the brand, the local country authorized business partners, the prospected customers

Solve:  Menavision working in solving all business problems and to suggest the right solutions which keep the business on the right position

Expand:  Menavision working on expand the market of brand across all MENA countries

Develop:  Menavision develop techniques of practicing international marketing practice in order to be in high level standard of serving menavision partners

Follow up:  Menavision adopted to follow up all details of the business with brand owners and local country authorized business partner

Maintain:  Menavision maintain a good relations and communications with most of business partners in most of region countries

Save:  Menavision save time and efforts for the brand owners and local country authorized business partners

Cut:  Menavision cut business partners cost of opening new markets ... menavision will pay all that cost


              -  Distribution
              -  wholesale
              -  Retail
            -  Corporate
            -  Projects
            -  Tenders